Meet the Owner

Born and raised in southeast Texas my parents say that I was meticulous with any project I started, whether it was to set up all of my army men for a perfect battle, the ideal linking log house, the most complex electric train track set up, or just keeping my Star Wars action figures in perfect condition and accounted for.

I was raised by an all American mother and father, planting genuine traits into me at a young age. They taught me how to treat people, interact with people and stand up for what I believe in. Honesty and building a respectable reputation was embedded early on. I bring these traits to my business.  

Graduating high school from Bridge City, TX and graduated college from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX, holding a degree in design drafting has enabled me to learn about engineering, architecture, design and construction of homes and commercial buildings. After working in this field for 15+ years, I have decided to advance my knowledge towards home inspections. Having gained a license for the states of Texas and Tennessee, I perform hundreds of inspections each year in Texas and Tennessee. I live in Knoxville Tennessee and conduct most of my home inspections throughout eastern Tennessee.

I live a very quiet life. Activities that I enjoy range from yard work, home maintenance, weight training and other physical activities, fishing, playing the guitar with friends, attending car shows, traveling, weekend trips to the mountains or lakes.

I want clients to be able to call me like an old friend. I will take care of each person like family. I want people to leave me knowing that I did them an honest inspection.



Robert “Chad” West